(unused page) Registration & Dues

Club  Dues

Our club dues are monthly and are based on your level and the number of classes you take per week.  Aikido Yoshokai of MN is a non-profit organization and our instructors are volunteers.  The fees go directly to keeping the dojo running.

For descriptions of classes and a schedule, see our Classes page.  Dues are subject to change.  

  • COVID-safe Introduction to Aikido class (4 week sessions, Saturdays, 11:00 am – noon, Sept 12 – Oct. 3; and Oct. 10 – Oct. 31):
    $50 for either 4-week session or $95 for all 8 weeks, no additional monthly dues. Registration links coming soon!
  • Once Weekly All-Level (one Beginner or Mid-level class per week):
    $50 / month.  Register now
  • Unlimited All-Level (unlimited Beginner or Mid-level classes per week):
    $65 / month. Register now
  • Advanced (unlimited classes per week including advanced):
    $85 / month. Register now
  • Youth (Saturdays):
    $40 / month. Register now
  • One-day mat pass (for visiting students from other dojos):
    $15 / visit. Register now

Note: Instructor permission required for advanced classes.

Please email us (instructors@aikidomn.org) or talk with an instructor if you have any questions about our fees or if you would like to start taking classes in the middle of the month.