Fees & Registration

Our fees are monthly and are based on your level and number of classes you take per week.  For descriptions and schedule, see our Classes page. You can pay each month, or sign up for recurring payments at the bottom of this page.  Class fees are subject to change.

Advanced (unlimited classes per week including advanced): $85

Beginner/Mid-Level (unlimited Beginner/Mid-level classes per week): $65

Introductory (one beginner class per week): $50

Youth (Saturdays): $40

One-day mat pass (for students unable to train on a regular schedule): $15

Note: Instructor permission required for advanced classes.

Register online for classes

Note: Classes will begin in April 2018 as soon as our new space is ready!  Watch this space for more details.

You can register for an individual month, or scroll down to set up a recurring monthly payment.  One-day mat passes are also available for students who are not able to train regularly.

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