Aikido classes are conducted in a friendly atmosphere with courtesy and respect toward teachers and students reflecting Japanese culture and samurai tradition.

Our instructors are certified to teach by AYANA and the Head Instructor, Akira Kushida-sensei, on an annual basis, and most have graduated from a 20-month instructor training course. The Kobukan is fortunate to have several instructors who each bring their own individual styles to their Aikido instruction, while maintaining the integrity of Yoshokai Aikido techniques.  Meet our instructors.

Classes begin with a series of warm-up exercises and basic movements that are the foundation of the Aikido techniques to be taught. The teacher then demonstrates techniques that the students practice with partners or in small groups.

Classes include weapons training, partner techniques, and rolls and breakfalls.

Fees for classes are based on the level and number of classes taken per week.  Register online.

Schedule and Class Descriptions

Note: Classes will begin in April 2018 as soon as our new space is ready!  Watch this space for more details.

Adult Classes

Beginner/Mid-level Class

For students aged 15 years and older. Come learn the basics of Aikido or continue your study of Aikido.  Classes are geared towards beginners through 5th kyu students.
Tuesday, 7 – 7:50 pm
Thursday, 7 – 7:50 pm
Saturday, 12:30 – 1:20 pm

Read more about starting Aikido and the beginner class.

Advanced Class

Advanced classes offer a chance to learn Aikido at a deeper level.  This class is geared towards students at 5th kyu level and above.  Instructor permission required.
Tuesday, 8 – 9 pm
Thursday, 8 – 9 pm
Saturday, 1:30 – 2:30

Kyu Test Technique Class (Beginner / Mid-level / Advanced)

A time for students to work on kyu test techniques at all levels.
Friday 7 – 8 pm


Youth Classes

For students age 7 – 14 years old.   Youth classes cover the same basic movements, rolls, and many of the same hand and weapon techniques as in the adult classes, but at a level appropriate for younger students. Y As with the adult classes, youth students learn to practice harmony and cooperation through Aikido techniques.  Learn more about Youth Aikido Classes. 
Saturday 11 – 11:45 am

Register online.

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