Aikido Yoshokai of Minnesota

Aikido is a traditional Japanese form of Budo, a way of study that includes both physical and mental training. Aikido is often translated as “the way of harmony with nature or universal energy.” At Aikido Yoshokai of Minnesota, we teach physical techniques as well as philosophy related to Aikido that often relates to how we can create harmony in our daily relationships and communities.

Woman in Aikido dogi taking a man in an Aikido dogi to the mat

We practice and teach Yoshokai Aikido, developed by Takashi Kushida-sensei. Kushida-sensei’s aikido was developed through decades of hard training and teaching experience.  Yoshokai Aikido focuses on the underlying principle behind Aikido and the importance of relationship between the person doing the technique (shite) and the person receiving the technique (uke).

In our adult and youth classes, you will learn pins, controls, throws, and safe falling. You will practice techniques with other students in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere. Most importantly, you will be practicing with teachers and students whose goal is to practice harmony with everyone.

Contact & Location

Aikido Yoskokai of Minnesota:

Phone: 612-424-2156



We are located in the Waterbury building in NE Minneapolis, Suite 118.  While we do not have changing rooms in the dojo, there are restrooms in the building with plenty of space to change.

Enter the building through door C from the parking lot on Van Buren St.  From Broadway St, turn north on Jackson St and then drive around the building to Van Buren St.  Parking is available on both sides of Van Buren St.


Aikido Yoshokai of Minnesota
Kobukan Dojo
1121 NE Jackson St,
Suite 118
Minneapolis, MN 55413


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