Starting Aikido

Welcome to the Kobukan Aikido Dojo!

We are so excited to train with you!

Aikido students practicing a weapons technique

We have pulled together information that you might be wondering about if you’re new to Aikido.  You are welcome to come observe a class and ask our instructors and students questions in between classes.

In beginner classes, you will learn the basics of Aikido, including basic movements, falling safely, hand techniques, and weapons techniques.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class begins so a senior student can show you around the training area and answer any questions. See our contact page for directions and a map.

We offer an introductory rates for new students for the first two months, so you can give Aikido a try:

  • Youth (7-14) introduction to Aikido: $60 for two months, second youth in a household: $30 for two months
  • Teen (15 – 19) or full-time college students: $80 for two months
  • Adult introduction to Aikido: $95 for two months

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 612-424-2156 or send an email to: