Recap of April and May Events

It has been a busy couple of months at Kobukan!

We did indeed start classes at the beginning of April, and we’ve been slowly getting settled into our new space and figuring out the quirks like in any new place. Number 1, no overhead buki strikes under the garage door track!

We had just about 3 weeks of classes before Akira-sensei visited for his previously planned Minnesota Clinic Weekend. We were excited to host him and other visitors from Michigan and Ohio at our new space and try out a couple of neighborhood restaurants on the Saturday. Sunday, we were in Northfield at the Carleton College Aikido Club, the Kyobukan, as in the past few years. It was a great weekend!

We do have awesome neighbors in the Waterbury building, and that is a welcome bonus! (Our special thanks to Antioch Church, Monkey in a Dryer, and Geek Partnership Society for their help!)  We also have an active property manager, and the entire Waterbury building participated in Art-a-Whirl weekend! We weren’t sure what to expect, and we didn’t have much time to plan with Akira-sensei’s visit and just moving in, but we had a great time. We opened up the garage door for people to stop in and watch us practice or during our normal classes.  Saw some old friends, and hopefully made some new ones! In addition to our art in motion, one of our students, Tilde-san, displayed her pottery. And, she just graduated from the Fine Arts program at the U of MN — congratulations, Tilde-san!

Now that the big events are out of the way for a while, we’re looking forward to doing a little painting in the dojo. We’re also planning an adult Kyu test for this summer, so stay tuned. Osu!