Kobukan response to COVID-19

See our top instructor, Kristin-sensei’s communication about our response to COVID-19 and closures planned to help keep our community safe.

In order to do our part in the COVID-19 response, Aikido Yoshokia of Minnesota will be suspending all training classes at the Kobukan dojo effective immediately.

We know that remaining physically and mentally healthy is important during these difficult times. To help our students and families do so, our instructors will be constructing lesson plans that will be video recorded and sent to our students so they can practice in their homes.  We are also developing ways to share our experiences of home training with one another to help motivate and support one another. 

Please watch for details in the coming weeks. And thank you for continuing to support our dojo as you are able. While we cannot responsibly offer our usual classes, we hope students and supporters who can continue to pay dues and make donations will continue to do so. Dues can be paid here, and donations made here.

Thank you and Osu!
Kristin Maier