Special 2022 Summer Pricing for Youth Aikido

This summer we are offering a special discount for kids ages 7-14 to come and learn Aikido with us:

$25 / month for 1 child, or $40 / month for 2 children, for June, July, and August.

Youth classes emphasize cooperation, respect, fitness, and fun.  Classes cover the same basic movements, rolls, and many of the same hand and weapon techniques as in the adult classes, but at a level appropriate for younger students. Youth classes are a great way for young students to practice focus, discipline, and movement. Students learn to practice harmony and cooperation through Aikido techniques.  Parents are welcome to attend class with their children, or sit on the side and watch if they wish.

No special equipment or clothing required! Students should wear comfortable clothing that covers knees and elbows. We practice Aikido barefoot.

Youth classes are Saturdays from 10:00 – 10:45 am.

Questions? Please email instructors@aikidomn.org

COVID Protocols: Due to the close contact nature of Aikido, we require all students to be vaccinated. We train in masks when the Hennepin County community risk levels on the COVID Act Now site are at yellow or orange.

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